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Ever Felt Like This?

Applying for a job in Japan is confusing.
It's so hard to write a Japanese resumé!
I'm not sure I have enough job experience...

Well,  is for you!

Get Scouted by Japanese Companies!

With jopus scout companies look for you! Check your messages and chat with recruiters.

Make a resume for Japanese companies easily!

Just fill in your information and we'll make an appealing resumé, tailored to Japanese companies. Make sure your profile well!

Work experience is not a must!

Companies that search for applicants on jopus scout are from many different industries, and some of the jobs they're hiring for do not require prior experience. This is your chance to get in touch with them!

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Our Process

1.Create your Account

First, register with us for free. Tell us about your Japanese ability and work preferences to get scouted easily!

2.Fill in your Profile

Fill in information about yourself,
Writing about your past experiences makes you attractive to companies.

3.Get Scouted!

Recruiters who like your profile send you messages! Chat with them easily on our platform.
You can ask the recruiter questions about the job, and arrange an interview.

4.Go for Interviews!

When you have found a fit, it's time for the interview! Practice presenting yourself in Japanese!

5.Get Hired and Get your Present!

When your new job is finalized, get in touch with the jopus scout office. To celebrate your new job, we will present you with a ¥30,000 Amazon Gift Card!

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Celebrate getting a job with a present!

At jopus scout, our aim is for you to get hired.
So, when you do, tell us and we'll send you a present!

1.Scout Screen

Go to the Scout screen on the jopus scout website.

2.Open the Company's chat

Click on the name of the company you will be working at, and the conversation will open. Click on the button that says "I've been hired!" at the top right of the window.

3.Tell use you've been hired!

Fill in the details in the form to tell us that you've been hired!

4.Email Notification

Within 1 month, you will receive your ¥30,000 Amazon Gift Card from jopus scout!

is completely free!

No hidden costs!

Why do we not charge?

Our objective is to increase hiring of foreign talent in Japan,
and make the process a pleasant one for candidates.
So, we do not charge candidates, but companies pay us an
introduction fee upon hiring someone through our platform.

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Other jopus Services

Talk to our Career Consultants
and Find a Job!

jopus career is a free job seeking service for foreigners who want to work in Japan.
Our professional Consultants will connect you with jobs that fit your skills, and support you in the application process too!
We offer services in English and Vietnamese as well!
Whether you're interested in changing jobs, or worried about visa procedures, feel free to get in touch!

A Perfect Guide to Work in Japan

jopus aims to be a one stop shop for any foreigner who wants to work in Japan.
Uncertain about what to do? You'll find great advice on job hunting and changing jobs in Japan, as well as information about resumés, interviews, and other great online resources!